Sunday, June 29, 2008

Socks and dogs

Where to begin. I've neglected blogging for at least a week. Shame on me.

We'll start with SOS08. I have completed one sock and part of another. I know, I'm slow. The yarn is Tempted, the color is Envy and the pattern is my own generic 2X2 ribbed sock. It turned out good, but it is boring not having a pattern.

My next one will be a brighter color and have more pattern. Sometimes I almost doze off while I'm working on it.

Update on Bunny. We have gone over a week at the reduced phenobarbital. I talked with the doctor and he said to keep it the same until after the 4th of July. Then we will further reduce the dose to 1/2 tab once a day. He said the stress and noise of the 4th might cause her to seize, so he prefers to wait until after. That is OK with me. I'm just happy that we are down to 1/2 grain of phenobarbital. We are still giving her the herbs and the potassium bromide. (Isn't she funny sleeping on her back?)

My sister in Portland got a new puppy yesterday. It is an Australian shepherd, merle. She hasn't been named yet, but she is 8 weeks old and 10 pounds of fluff. She will send current pics soon, I hope.

Now I'm going to check in on Ravelry and see all the beautiful socks that others have posted for SOS08. Can you believe that some have already knit 3 pairs?? I guess the thicker yarn and larger needles go faster, but I prefer to wear the thinner socks.

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Daniele said...

Oh My. Is that not the cutest puppy ever!