Thursday, June 19, 2008

More of the same

Yesterday we took all the photos that were taken at the birthday party and we had a scrapbook party with them. My sister had ordered some great pages that had room for memories, greetings, wishes and pictures. We matched photos to the ones that were filled out, added the guest list, and several extra pages of photos in the back. Then they were put into the binder that came with the pages.

Here is our "sister" picture from the party. #4, #1, #2 (me) and #3 (from Portland.)

Today we took our aunt to lunch and gave her the "book." I don't know whether to call it a photo book or a scrapbook. She loved it. It had pics of everyone who came to the party, and many of those people filled out one of the pages. We made CD's of the photos for everyone who asked, and some for people who didn't get to come.

Now I can get on with other things. Like the reunion we are going to Saturday in Arkansas. (Other side of the family.) We have it each year the weekend after Father's Day. It is a good way to keep in touch with family. These are my dad's remaining brother and sisters from a couple of years ago. These are all that are left of the 10 brothers and sisters.

We each bring an item to put in an auction so we can raise the money to rent the building next year. Last year we also all brought a quilt square which will have magically turned into a quilt to put in this year's auction. For my item, I bought a pretty frame and printed a picture of my dad in his Army uniform. It turned out so nice that I may bid on it myself.

My last gray and black sock is moving slowly. I have turned the heel and worked an inch or so on the foot. I discovered after I was bragging on how pretty the heel is that I made two different heels on the two socks! Pretend you didn't hear that. I'm not going to rip it back to make it match. Besides it was too nice to rip out.

Here is my pet picture of the day. Buster and Bunny on the big guy's lap. There is a bit of jealousy there. (Bunny started on another reduced dose of phenobarbital this week. We are hoping for the best.)

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