Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

After 7 weeks and 2 days, after reducing her phenobarbital for 7 days, Bunny had another seizure. On the bright side, it was only ONE seizure (they usually come in groups) and it was smaller/softer/less intense than any she's had before. And she recovered quicker. We gave her the obligatory 2 tabs afterwards and 2 this morning, and now have new instructions from her vet. One-half tab in the a.m. and one whole tab in the evening. I feel like we are just on the verge of a breakthrough in balancing her meds.
This weekend I finished my baby sister's blue socks. (They look just like the picture above.Ignore my emergency sock blocker.) Now I'm working on my older sister's socks I gave her at Christmas. The heel flap wasn't right, but she wore them anyway until the weather got warm. I frogged back to the heel flap and am knitting the whole foot again. Of course the yarn is all squiggly, but hopefully with blocking I can make them look OK.P1000629

I'm looking forward to our other sister and her partner visiting the middle of this month. They live in Portland, Oregon. We are having our Aunt G a 90th birthday party. Cousins will be coming from all over for the occasion. Unfortunately the party will be on Knit in Public Day. So I guess I will knit at the party instead of "in public." Maybe I can recruit a new knitter!

There is a cool contest for knitters who are interested. It is at the Simply Sock Yarn Co. blog site. They are interested in what is your favorite sock yarn and why. The address is "http://www.simplysockyarn.typepad.com/". Prizes will be awarded.

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Linda said...

Oh boy. Give her an ear scritch for me.

The cat went to the vet yesterday for a blood draw to check her fructosamine. Only two of us to hold her down this time and the only blood was hers in the syringe where it belongs. It's getting easier....