Friday, June 13, 2008

Company's Coming

I'm taking a break from cleaning house and doing laundry. I'm finished in the kitchen, still have some tidying to do in the living room and bathroom. My sister will be at the airport about 4:00 (airlines willing). She only gets to come home about one week a year. It is a long way from Portland to Tulsa!

I've been picking out some yarns and patterns for SOS08. I have decided to use the pastel yarn from Tempted Sock of the Month Club with the pattern they suggested. It is Belle-Maman Sock by Audrey P. downloaded from . It will not be mindless knitting. For that I will do a 2X2 ribbed sock with some varigated or self-patterning yarn. After that...who knows. I like to have 2 different socks going at the same time.

Happy news! I received my circular needles in the mail today! Yay! I ordered one each of 16", 24", 32" size US#1, and 32" size US#2 in the Knitpicks Options. I swatched with the size 1's and they are great!

Back to work for me. Tomorrow is my Aunt G's 90th birthday party. There will be cousins from all over. We're excited! Pictures will surely follow.

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Ms. Create said...

Sounds like your getting ready for Summer of Sox 08. I usually have two pairs of socks going at a time too, but I have been doing three pairs at a time lately. Two mindless, and one patterned one.

On another note, thanks for commenting on my blog. I mentioned you in one of my posts about learning to spin. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Daniele aka