Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dirt, Inside and Out

Today I am going to try to make my plants happy. I'm going to re-pot one and fertilize the others. We've had so much terrible wind and heavy rains lately that my poor little flowers are not happy.

Realize that I hate to get dirt under my fingernails, so I will glove up. And I will make the big guy help reach and lift. But it has to be done. I'm so short that I can't reach the ones that are hanging from the tree. That is where the big guy comes in. Also the plant I have to re-pot is pretty large, so we will tag team it. Of course, Buster and Bunny will be lots of help.

I'm still trying to finish up my knitting before the SOS08 comes along, so here is what I have left to do. I've ripped back both of my sister's sock to the heel flaps, I've finished re-knitting one, and I'm working on the toe decreases on the other. Then I will wash and re-block them. I have one of my gray/black socks finished and have the ribbing started on the cuff of the other. So that gives me almost 2 weeks to finish that one. I'm going to make it! (But will I be able to resist casting on another sock before SOS08? Remains to be seen.)

Company will be coming next weekend, so I must start working (harder) on getting the house presentable. If I can get the wood floors and the rugs done, then I can work on the clutter on the tables and cabinets. A little sprucing up in the bathroom will make it good. So I've got my list for the week. If I can get in one round of golf I'll be doing good.


MsKnottyKnits said...

Look how busy you have been! I love the colors of your flowers! They kind of match my hair =)

Make sure you sign up for Plurk so that you can join in on the fun!

MsKnottyKnits said...

Come on and plurk - the temptress herself is there, she shares her yarn, and Wendy is showing off new socks! Super knitting fun.

Ms. Create said...

Lovely flowers! Now, if we could just capture those colors in a skein of hand-dyed wool! I too am in the Summer of Socks. I'm finishing up a pair on the needles and have one pair I just started on. I, apparently, couldn't help but start a new pair! :)

Daniele aka