Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two new socks

Here are the two socks I cast on this week. (The picture isn't the best.) The blue one is identical to a pair that I made for a gift. The gray/black one is from the sparkly Tempted yarn I wrote about earlier. Again the blue one is for a gift for my sister who is a yoga teacher.

A reader asked about the softness of the gray/black one. It is surprisingly soft. I was impressed. I guess I was expecting it to be scratchy, but it is not.

We golfed on Friday. It was a beautiful day with very little wind, maybe 10 mph. For those of you who know Oklahoma in the spring, it was a great day. I also had a very acceptable score for a change.

I spent a lot of Saturday untangling a whole cone of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn that Bunny had played with. I ended up with a ball that was the size of a cantelope or maybe a little soccer ball. Whew! I was glad to get that finished.

Sunday I did laundry for our son (does it ever end?). Maybe someday I will have a daughter-in-law who will do that for him. Later the big guy and I chose up dogs and took naps. Now everything that has to be done is done and I'm going to knit until bedtime.

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