Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer of Socks 2008

Summer of Socks 2008, Ravelry, Flickr; I joined them this week. Big step for me, I'm not very confident about doing new things.

I found on Wendy Knits that Summer of Socks was happening again this summer. I think it will be fun watching what socks others are making while I am knitting. Since I haven't worked up the nerve to knit sweaters yet, maybe this will push me to push myself a little bit.

Earlier I had put my name on the Ravelry waiting list, finally got my invitation, now I'm dabbling in Ravelry. I need to learn some things about it so I can post pictures. (Making comments or posting replies was easy. Hopefully I'm not to old to learn a few new tricks dealing with pictures.)

Therefore, I needed photos on Flickr so I could put them onto Ravelry. Whew! I never intended to get in this deep. I posted pictures of all 25 pairs of socks that I have made. I'm still working on #26 and hope to get 26 and 27 finished before the kick off of SOS08.

Received my Tempted Sock Club yarn this week and OMG! it is gorgeous! Shades of blue with silver running through it. It is called Bon Voyage. Wow! (Photo will follow later.) I'm going to have some really nice yarns to work up for SOS08.

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MsKnottyKnits said...

That's a whole lot of socks! Bravo!