Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Dog and New Tricks

I'm an old dog and I'm learning new tricks! Thanks to some help from other members of Ravelry, I have successfully posted pictures there. First I had to open an account with Flickr. That was easy. I tried several times to take a pic from Flickr and post on Ravelry before I got the hang of it.

About knitting. I'm trying to get some socks finished before the SOS08. I have finished one of the gray/black/sparkly pair and I'm well into one of the blue ones for my sister. I don't know why the silver flecks don't show up in photographs. I laid this one down in the sun and it still didn't show. Trust me, it is real sparkly.

I still have a pair to rip back and fix for another sister. The heel didn't fit down into her shoes. I haven't decided how far to rip them back. Will it work to just shorten them a little? Or will I have to rip all the way back to the heel? I hate to go that far.

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Dianne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your socks are lovely. By the way, I think teaching is the most important (and hardest) job in the world! My two sisters are teachers, and I have a great respect for the profession.