Sunday, May 4, 2008

A No-Knitting Weekend

Yesterday was "work in the yard day." I went to three places looking for plants, pots, soil, a new bird feeder, and fertilizer. I ended up with several colors of petunias, a pink and white begonia, some red geraniums and the biggest Boston fern I have ever seen. I also bought a new birdbath bowl and a cement squirrel. When we got home, we repotted the hibiscus to a larger pot, potted the geraniums to a hanging pot, repotted the old geraniums to little pots (to see if I can save them), hung the fern and the begonias from the tree limbs. We refilled the bird feeders and and old birdbath and put the new birdbath on the stump of the tree we sacrificed to the ice storm gods. It is beginning to look pretty out there.

Today I transplanted some bulbs that were in the front yard to the back yard. They were in my dad's yard and when he died I brought some of them to my yard. I don't know if they will live because the soil is not very good, but I saved some of them for my sister C to put in her yard. That way we will surely save some of them. I wish I had a start off my mom's lilac and snowball bush.

This is my daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Sissy, all the way to Houston. Hope you have a very nice day. Do something fun today.


MsKnottyKnits said...

Holy busy weekend, Batman! My plan was to knit, and complete some UFOs... My major UFO is still in UFO status... It's driving me nuts!!!

Karen said...

Hi :) I just checked out your sorry to hear about your doggy's seizures, hope that gets better soon! Thanks for visitin my blog :) Love the latest socks, btw....very pretty!