Sunday, April 6, 2008

Better Late Than Never

There has been more work than knitting this week. I did, however, frog the toe of my BFF sock and add an additional pattern. Either I miscounted or mismeasured when I put in the toe the first time. Now that one is fixed and I have started the second sock. I finished the ribbing and put in one pattern.

After our sister's lunch on Tuesday, the big guy and I played golf on Wednesday, went to work on Thursday, and worked in the backyard on the weekend.

The big ice storm in December made a mess of our trees. The big maple tree had broken limbs that we were mostly able to trim. The small maple was totally ruined. That is the tree that I planted as a seedling to shade the bedrooms of our children. I was sad to see it have to go, but we weren't able to save it. We did leave a big stump to use to put a bird feeder or a birdbath on.

We have some spots in the back where we are having trouble getting grass. (And the dogs love to dig holes.) The big guy has fertilized, seeded, begged, pleaded, all to no avail. So we have fenced the dogs close to the house and we are working on the rest. Last year we planted crape myrtles and lilacs and the dogs ate them off even with the ground. So this year we are going to try again, but now the dogs are fenced.

To make them a fun place we made a big sandbox around the remaining maple tree. Bunny likes to lay in it. If she could I know she would lay on her back and make angels in it! Buster would rather lay in the sun in the mulch. Sometimes we go out and bury toys in the sand for them to find.

There was never going to be any grass under the tree. Too much shade and too many roots. So we enclosed it with landscape timbers and filled it with red mulch. I put St. Francis out there and set the birdbath in it. We also bought some patio furniture out there so I can read or knit in the shade. (I'm worried about the shade after the ice storm stripped so many limbs out of the tree.) We got some big pots to put plants in. I'm thinking about a hibiscus in one and petunias in the other. I also want some hanging baskets and a fern. I will but them in the tree with the birdfeeders.

I need another birdfeeder that the squirrel can't get into. I would like for him to eat the corn and the sunflower seeds and leave the cardinal food alone. And it is time for me to fill the hummingbird feeders. In our area, we try to get them out by April 15.

I'm still trying to figure out how to insert pictures. If I accomplish it this time, I have one of Bunny downloaded. Cross your fingers.

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