Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Presents For Me

Here is a picture of Buster and Bunny. I still can't figure out how to put the picture in the text. Oh, well, something new to learn.

Today I saw my sister at the doctor's office where she had brought our Aunt G. Surprise, surprise, Aunt G. had brought my birthday present! She had knitted me two dishcloths and crocheted a doily that she called "seashells." I love handmade gifts!

This aunt is the last of the 12 children in my mother's family. There were eight girls and four boys. My mother was the 10th child, the youngest girl. She died of colon cancer when she was 50. My older sister and I were both married, but we had two sisters still at home who were 15 and 12. It was difficult, to put it simply.

My dad was from a family of 10 children. He was the second and the oldest boy. He died of bone cancer at 78. There are four sisters and one brother left in his family.

How many first cousins, you might ask? Sixty-eight, I believe. One aunt had 13, and it went down from there. It is wonderful to have so much family. Dad's family stays close by having a family reunion every June. Mom's family has recently started to get together every year the weekend after Labor Day. One cousin came from Oregon this year. We also met another cousin that none of us had met before! That was great! We are hoping for some "new" cousins to show up this year since we have been getting the word out.

New on the Buster and Bunny adventures: Yesterday the big guy left the two little scoundrels alone while he did some errands. When he came home, he found the pantry door ajar. In the kitchen floor were six red potatoes. That is all that remained from the new 5 pound sack that had been in the pantry! They had eaten all the rest! Needless to say, they weren't hungry for their dinner last night.

My knitting has been dragging this week. We have been really busy at work and in the evenings I've been dozing on the couch. Maybe I can get photos for you tomorrow when there is good light. I'm about half way down the cuff of my second BFF sock. It is looking good!

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