Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bad News

Our hopes were dashed again this morning at 5 a.m. Bunny woke us up by having a seizure. We had only reduced her medicine four days and already she proves that it won't work. We immediately gave her a dose of phenobarbital, and in about 10 minutes she had another seizure. Luckily, each seizure only lasted 30 seconds. That is better than before. And she only had two. One morning she had 6 grand mal seizures in an hour. We know now what to do so it isn't as scary as it was in the beginning.

We were hoping that her meds could be reduced gradually and that she'd be ok. I guess she will always have to take the meds, but it is good to know our parameters. Low salt diet, potassium bromide, and 2 phenobarbitals a day. That is what I expect the vet to say.

Our son was involved in a car accident last night. His face is all bruised up, has a bump on his nose, and his shoulder or collarbone is sore. Like the big guy, he is hard to get into a doctor's office. I'm afraid he needs x-rays on that shoulder. But he is on call with his job tonight, so I guess he's afraid they will tell him not to work until he is better. It was a friend's car. He would have been in a mess if it had been his truck. His payments are way high and his insurance has a ridiculous deductible. As with most young people just starting out, he has no savings to speak of. I'm sorry for the owner of the car, though. He's a good kid.

I'm really getting anxious to cast on for another sock. I have some black/gray/with silver Tempted yarn that is calling my name. I am still looking for an appropriate pattern to use and I'm open to suggestions.

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