Friday, April 11, 2008

Recent Finished Objects

The sock on the left doesn't show its true colors very well. It is made from Tempted's Sock Club selection for October. I believe it was called Hocus Pocus. The colors are black, purple, and neon green. I knitted it in my favorite generic pattern of K2 P2 ribbing. This is the softest yarn I have worked with lately. I heart it.
The sock on the right is made from Trekking XXL in colorway #147. The pattern is BFF by Cookie A. I love this pattern. It goes quickly and has pretty little cables in every other row.
My photos aren't as well done as Wendy's, I'm thinking of looking for a different camera. Now I have a Panasonic digital that I have had for a few years. Since I've started taking pictures of knitting, I have gotten more picky.
It was one of my days off today. We went by the vet and picked up some more meds for our little Bunny. The vet wants us to gradually back off on some of the medication and see if the seizures return. And she also thinks that the medicine is encouraging her bad behavior (grabbing stuff from the kitchen cabinet, for instance, and eating too much.)
We also went to see the movie "21." I liked it. We had seen the real person the movie was made about on tv the other day. It is remarkable to me that someone could be so efficient at counting cards. Never underestimate the intelligence of an MIT student!
The dogs were better behaved today while we were gone. I gave each of them a cardboard box to tear up while we were gone and they didn't destroy anything of mine, for a change!

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