Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sock Bigamy

Now that SOS08 is over, I'm back to my old trick of knitting two socks at once. Not two socks just alike. That would make too much sense. I'm back to knitting two different socks at once. It seems to scare off the dreaded SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). There are always more socks to knit than time to knit them. And more people to knit for than just me. So I work on one for someone else and one for me.

Right now I have in progress a pair for my friend at work and a pair for me. She picked out a brown self-striping yarn that is working up just beautifully. The picture shows the cuff, but actually I have already turned the heel and am working on the foot. I'm happy with this one. It will be a great pair of winter socks. The color of this one photo'd fine.

The other pair is in apple green with purple trim. (This one didn't photograph very well, what with the rain and my flash.) I'm improvising this pair. I have the first sock done and have CO the second one. Sadly, after I got past the three purple stripes on the second sock, I found two mistakes. I had an extra row of green before the first stripe, and I had an extra row of green just before the third stripe. Can you say "ribbit?" Yep, frog pond. Then I spent all that time trying to get the needles back in with two dogs dancing around my feet and climbing on my lap. But mission accomplished, and I'm back on the stripes again.

The big guy fixed my dinner and brought it to me (what a guy) so I could keep working. He's good like that.

Today was my day off, our golf day. We went out and as soon as we started to tee off it started misting rain. By the time we got to the second hole, it was seriously raining. Of course, we got soaked because neither of us even thought to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. So we just packed up and headed for the truck. Instead of golfing, we did some errands and then went home. It was a good day for a nap.

I've been drooling over some yarn I saw stashed on Ravelry. It is Opal Petticoat 1290. I'm in love. It is soft pastels, pink, yellow, blue. I have surfed the internet for some and have decided it is no longer available. If you have one in your stash and would like to part with it, or if you know where one is available, would you please give me a heads up?? Or if you know of a yarn that is very similar, I'd appreciate knowing about that too.


Julie said...

I love that apple green with the purple what cute socks!!

Daniele said...

Great socks! I have two different socks going at once too, except I moved on to crocheting a baby blanket!! No loyalty here... :)

Linda said...

Don't you just love trying to knit - or operate a laptop in your lap - with that lovely four legged help???

Darcie said...

You mean there are people who actually only knit one pair of socks at a time?? :)

I just posted a picture of a finished pair of socks done in the Petticoat 1290. I love this Opal yarn and have done a couple of pairs with different colourways.

Opal said...

Lovely socks! I usually have two different socks on the needles at the same time too.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Socks!

I just discovered your blog, and I like it a lot. Plus, I kinda envy you because sock yarn doesn't exist here in Costa Rica. :(