Friday, June 26, 2009

Boys...and Dogs

OK, OK. I'm really going to try to be better.

Even the dogs are looking for some new pictures and new stuff to read about. This is the front door where they lay to watch the world. (If you look carefully at the reflection, you can see me with my cane.) Don't even look at the nose prints at their eye-level. I've got the cleaning help coming this weekend. Hopefully we will get to the doors and mirrors. (Maybe not, there is a long list above that little job.)

These are Grandma's big boys. The younger (left) is 16 and the older (right) is 18 and a proud graduate from high school. I can't believe that they are so big. Seems like just a few days ago they were little babies.

And this is the proud Grandma with her two beautiful boys. I'm sure you can see why I'm so proud of them.

I have some socks started. The first pair is the pair I started for my sister's birthday which was at the end of March. Then the bottom fell out of my world and I've had trouble picking them back up. At least she won't need them for a while in this Oklahoma heat and humidity. I'll get them done before cold weather sets in.

The other pair is from Red Heart Heart and Sole with Aloe. This color is called Watercolor Stripe. (The flash washed out the color on the skein. And yes, those are Knit Picks little 4" double pointed needles. I love them!) I think it is going to work up real pretty.

I've also been reading some. I try to read a little at night in bed, before I turn out the light. Unfortunately, Bunny thinks when we get in bed I should turn off the light. (Can't imagine why.) So while I'm trying to read, she is laying there going, "Woof..... Woof..... Woof....." Until I finally turn off the light so I won't have to listen to her. She's a hoot. And Buster, he thinks before he goes to sleep he has to take a bath. So he licks himself and licks and licks everywhere he can reach, all over his body. He gives a big sigh and flops down. Oh, the funny little routines that make up our lives. I'd be lost without these special little(?) dogs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Week in the Life

This is how we have been coping with our knee replacement recovery. We sleep, we eat, then we sleep some more. Naps happen. So do snacks.

After our naps and our snacks, we pile up on the loveseat and watch a little TV. I try not to turn it on until the 5:00 news, but some days we turn it on and watch whatever we have recorded on the DVR. Then we check the TV schedule and pick out something to watch and something to record for the evening. Rough life, huh?

Occasionally, we get a visitor. This is my daughter who came all the way from Houston to see me for mother's day. We had a great visit. We are already planning her next visit.

One day this week, my older sister came to visit and to introduce me to her new puppy, Spike. She has long been a lover of Bostons; she has had some before. Unfortunately, she lost them both on the same day due to old age and terminal illness. We were happy to meet her new one. He is 6-months old, and a real kissy boy. I understand he gives her cats a run for their money!

And to give you living proof that the knee is healing, my brother-in-law took this picture of it. You can see it is still swollen, but the scar is not so bad. I see the surgeon on Tuesday.

I went by work one day this week and offered to come back to week on Thursday (today) but they said not until I am released. So maybe I can go back next Thursday. I'm not so anxious for the work, but I'm anxious to not spend every single day in this house alone. I never signed up for this!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing to Report

There hasn't been any action to report around here. I'm still housebound because I'm not allowed to drive yet.

The incision has healed nicely, but the knee is still swelling. I was told I would have swelling for as long as 3 months. It makes it hard to do my bending exercises with it all swollen. I took a picture, but it looked so bad that I'm not posting it.

My childhood friend sent me a cross stitch kit to help me pass the time. It has been hard to get my mind focused on anything, probably from the pain pills. I turned the heel of my sister's sock, I've read a couple of Janet Evanovich books, dozed in front of the TV, and paced. Sitting hurts my back. (Cheese with that whine??)

I'm ready to get back to the real world. My next appointment with the doctor is June 2. Surely by then he will let me go back to work. He said no driving until I'm off the pain med.

You find out who your friends are when something like this comes along. And I have some really good friends. That includes sisters and sisters-in-law. I've had drivers to all the necessary places I needed to go: church, doctor, grocery store, pharmacy, and don't forget Wal-Mart. I have good internet friends too. They have kept me sane and entertained with jokes and messages of encouragement.

Thanks, guys. You're the greatest.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Knee Replacement

Yesterday my older sister went with me to do all the pre-op for my knee replacement surgery. We went to the surgeon first. They had papers for me to fill out. The best one was for a handicap parking sticker. It was downhill from there. They gave me final instructions on getting ready for the surgery and answered all my questions.

The first question was "where will he cut, and how big will the scar be?" She said he will cut from the knob at the top of my shin bone, up across the knee but not through the muscle, and will make a cut from the middle of that one to the inside of my knee. Apparently, he will not cut through any muscles or tendons, but will open the skin and push them aside so he can get to the joint. Then he will shave the bones, remove what cartilidge is left, cap the femur with a metal cap, attach a plastic insert to the tibia, put a plastic piece behind the knee cap and I'll be good as new. (Ouch!) And sound like the scar will be 5-6" in length.

She didn't sound as optimistic as he did about my driving. Hope that doesn't screw up my plans for going back to work fairly soon.

It'll be walker or crutches for 3 weeks, cane or one crutch for 3 weeks then another appointment with the doctor to see how I'm doing. There will be a physical therapist involved. I plan on working on rehab as if it were a job so I can get back to the real world ASAP.

Second, we had pre-op at the hospital. More papers to fill out and sign, many many instructions on prescriptions, what to take, what not to take, which ones to bring with me, how to bathe (!) to get ready. What to bring (my walker), what to bring to wear (big legged shorts), how long I'll stay (probably 3 nights).

Now I'm just wishing it was over. But I'll try to be a good patient. Nothing I hate more than a cry-baby whiner.

I was planning on having my own private nurse/coach/trainer/driver to help me through this, but that wasn't to be. He would have wanted me to go ahead and get this done. In fact, he had been harassing me for a couple of years to get it fixed. So the time is right and I'm going for it. I'll need lots of prayers and the help of my sisters and a few good friends.

After those two appointments, we picked up our aunt and took her for an MRI on her lower back. It was a difficult appointment for her. Afterward, she treated us to dinner.

Today I meet my friends from grade school and junior high (two of them) for lunch. We haven't seen each other since we were 18 (and that's a long time.) We are meeting at an Amish restaurant between my home and their homes. I'm excited but I can't decide what to wear. Oh, well, that won't matter in the long run. We will just be happy to be together after all these years.

Keep me in your prayers for the next few weeks. I have a feeling I'm going to need lots of encouragement.

Monday, April 6, 2009

In Memory

February 1947 - March 2009
Rest in Peace, Big Guy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keep an Open Mind

Regardless of what you read about the banning on Ravelry, please keep an open mind until you hear both sides.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Hard to Believe

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a month since I updated here. Whew! Lots of things have been going on. I'll start with the things that have pictures.

Thanks for your comments on the Noro scarf. I loved working on it. It was so fun to watch the colors change. And I taught myself to hold the yarn in my left hand while knitting which hurried the 1x1 ribbing along.

Last Saturday I finished my baby sister's birthday socks. They are made from JoJo Melody superwash wool. I loved working with this yarn, and I loved the results. The yarn has a tight twist and the ribbing is really springy. I think they will hold their shape nicely. (Obviously I didn't block them. They will be Work Socks, not Show-off Socks.) The way the colors blended and changed was subtle and they turned out beautifully.

Now, among other things, I'm working on my older sister's birthday socks. These are from Vinca yarn and I'm doing them on size #1 dpns. I think they will be OK for her dainty little feet and legs, but they are way tight on me. I'm crossing my fingers that they will fit. If they don't, I have some shades of pink Vinca socks started on larger needles that I will work on for her. (Hopefully the first ones will fit, because I have the first one finished. The pink one isn't down to the heel yet! Yikes!)

When I deem that I have been a Really Good Girl, I let myself work on this scarf. It is made from Knit Picks Shimmer (alpaca and silk). I got it in the Riverside Cafe lace sampler. The color is called Cumulus. I got the pattern from Ravelry, but I can't tell you the name of it right now. Slipped my mind. It is an easy to remember pattern with just 40 stitches. I think when it is blocked it will be lovely on many different sweaters. (I got four new sweaters @ $10 each at an end of season sale!) It will be ready for next fall anyway. (OK, I had to look it up. It is called Party Lace Scarf and is by Lisa Sisk.)

There's also my shawl that I'm making for the Bunker KAL, but I'm not in any hurry for that one. It is nice too. It is also Knit Picks Shimmer in steel gray. These other things have to come first.

I'm reading "Atlas Shrugged" for a RAL. I had read it years ago, but wanted to join in the discussion of it. If you haven't read it, you probably should. It's an eye-opener.

We've had some spring-like weather lately and the dogs have been loving it. This is Buster doing what we call GIJoe crawling. Problem is that he comes in with his belly bright red and itching from what we assume is a grass allergy. Poor little guy.

Bunny has had some seizures during February and March. The vet has added another medication to her ever-growing list. It is what some believe to be a preventive measure. It is called DMG and is a liquid. The doctor said it tastes sweet (I'm not going to test it!) and she doesn't mind it. Also it is in a small dose (l.5ml) rather than the large dose of potassium bromide (10cc). I have noticed on last year's calendar that she was having seizures this time of the year also. The doctor thinks that weather changes, storms and winds all have something to do with the onset of her seizures.

Now, the thing with no pictures. Last week I went to the knee surgeon and took him my MRI's. He determined that I am going to have to have not just knee surgery, but Knee Replacement Surgery. I'm really surprised. I didn't think it hurt that bad. (And I didn't think I was that old! Sixty-two on Saturday. Hello, Social Security!)But the x-rays show bone-on-bone so I guess it is time. He said the other knee should last at least 5 more years. He already has surgeries scheduled through the middle of April and has 11 patients in front of me on the waiting list. So that gives me time to work on losing a few more pounds (I've lost 16 already), and working on my cardio to get ready for the surgery and recovery. He said I could go back to playing golf 7 weeks after, and that I could drive as soon as I feel like it (if I'm off the drugs). I guess the other part-time girl at the office will do my computer work while I'm off work. (Hopefully, I'll be back after 3 weeks or so.)

So there you have it. Now I'll go nurse the big guy who was throwing up for 22 hours since yesterday a.m. He's better now, thank goodness. I was beginning to think I was going to have to call in the EMT's!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Daniele

Here is my latest finished project, the Noro scarf in Noro silk garden, worsted weight.

I love this scarf and I've picked out some others yarns in various colors to make for Christmas presents. (Can't afford Noro except for special gifts!)

Daniele, I finally finished it!

I'm having trouble getting sharp pics with my Canon, especially closeups. If anyone has a suggestion, I would gladly try it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Doglover. He had a few errands to do today while I was at work, but mostly he was going to spend the day with his everfaithful companions, Buster and Bunny. He declined the offer of a birthday cake. And we are not getting gifts for our birthdays this year.

In January, just in time for the OU game for the National Championship, our Sony bit the dust. So we chose up sides and purchased a 46" LCD tv. We are calling it our birthday present(s).

We are making plans for dinner for Valentine's Day. I'm thinking Mexican.

(OK Ms.Create, I'll try to take pics on Wednesday! I'll see how much more I can get done tonight.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Empty Nest , Again

It never bothered me before. In fact, I was eager for my kids to grow up, get a job, and move out on their own. But this time, when my son found a place of his own, it made me feel sad. Give me a break, he will be 30 in May, and he had only moved in for a few months to save some money. But I can't help it, I'm sad. It feels like this time he is really gone.

To get my mind off of it, I'm going to show you some pictures.

(Aren't those lavender roses just gorgeous?) These are the flowers my big guy sent me for our 42nd anniversary on Jan. 20. There was a lot going on that day, and the flowers made the whole day better. He's a gem about remembering our anniversary and my birthday.

These are the skeins of Noro Silk Garden that I am using to knit the Noro Scarf that Everyone but me has made. I haven't taken a picture of the scarf in progress, but I only have a little yarn left to knit. So it will be soon.

I like the pattern so much that I'm going to make some more (cheaper versions) for Christmas presents. I really like making this scarf. And I have learned to knit (sorta) continental while working on it. (I'm sure it is not exactly the correct way, but the finished product looks good!)

Bunny's last vet visit and the resulting lab work was all good. In fact, we are reducing some of her medication until Feb. 20 to see if it will still work for her. Cross you fingers for her!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January in a nutshell

OK. I know I've been bad lately. I will give you only one excuse, and I'll save all the others for another day.

Since our son has been living here, I've had trouble getting to my computer. He works hard all day and I let him have the computer until bedtime. Terrible excuse, because there are a couple of days a week when I could blog in the daytime. Oh, well...

I have a couple of things to show you. I did a KAL with the members of The Bunker on Ravelry. We did a Choose-your-own KAL between the presidential election and the inauguration. I chose a smoke ring. The pattern I used was Wavy Feathers Wimple by Caryll McConnell. I used Knit Picks lace yarn (alpaca cloud) in Papaya Heather.

Knitting lace was new to me, and I struggled for a while, but I perservered and finally finished it. I used only about half a hank. Here it is blocking.

I don't know why that photo turned up on end, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I also have a picture of the smoke ring ON. You can see that I have it smooshed down as I have a short neck. But I think it looks pretty. (Obviously, I'm having photo problems here. I haven't figured out how to rotate the photo in my file to make it fit right side up here. Any suggestions will be appreciated.)

Also this month, the big guy and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary. I'd show you the flowers he sent, but they would be laying on their side. (I know this rotating thing can't be that complicated, I'm just being a doofus.)

Through the miracle of the Wollmeise Virgin thread on the Loopy Ewe group on Ravelry, I acquired my very first skein of Wollmeise. Ohhh, it is gorgeous. Red, soft, just beautiful. Maybe I can download that photo. Let's see...

Well, that worked. This is making me crazy.

I'm wondering if anyone has used fingering weight yarn to make a stole? I think this red Wollmeise would be lovely in a wrap of some sort. Any advice??

My baby sister had another birthday. Her 50th. Do you realize how old that makes me? I gave her some yarn then took it back so I can make her a pair of socks. I will wait to show you the FO later. Hopefully, by my birthday they will be done.

My boss, the doctor, sent me for an MRI on my knee last week. The report showed some problems so I'm in line for an appointment with a specialist. I'm expecting him to want me to have surgery. We'll update that one after I see the surgeon.

And to top off the month, Bunny had 3 seizures, all on the same day. She is due her yearly checkup, so on Friday we will talk it over with the vet. I'm sure we are doing about as well as can be expected. She hadn't had one since July, and she recovered more quickly this time. Think good thoughts for us this week.