Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bloom where you are planted

You've heard the old expression "bloom where you are planted." I found some living examples of that saying today while I was helping the big guy in the backyard. These are the blooming things I found in strange places. First, there are several pink wild violets blooming in the wood pile. Second, there is a begonia under the edge of the deck. And third, there is a morning glory vining around on my little glider. I have morning glories and begonias planted in other places, but I don't know where the violets came from. Birds brought them I guess.

I haven't been very productive lately in the knitting area. I have finished the green w/purple socks. I still need to finish off the toe and weave in the ends on the last sock. These were more fun than the brown stripes. Notice the progress? But I must keep knitting. The brown socks are already promised. I've almost lost my sock mojo. I need a break.

The sweater pattern I've been looking for has been found. In the first issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Knitting, page 39, an ad for Plymouth Yarn. It is simply called Pattern 1413. Now I've got to find where they sell it. The website I found showed many, many pages of patterns, but didn't give a way to order them. I'm sure I'll figure it out. But first, I need you experienced sweater knitters to help me out. Do you think this pattern will be too hard for my first sweater?? I love the wide sleeves and the "no buttonhole" band down the front.
The pups loved it when we spent the morning working in the yard. Their favorite part was when we emptied and refilled the wading pool, then watered the plants. They love the water hose.

I have a couple of pics of the brave dogs. One is Bunny "hunting" out the back door. She stays there really still waiting for the squirrel to come down the tree. Then she chases him back up. Over and over and over. Buster is a little more laid back. He just lays in the dining room floor laughing at Bunny. Little smiley dog.

I've had some really nice comments lately on my blog. Thanks for that. I have a long list of your blogs that I check almost every day. I love your pics of your children and pets. I'm interested in your spinning and dyeing (since I don't know how to do those.) And you inspire me with your projects. AND YARN! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SHOW ME YOUR YARN!


Karen said...

If you can turn a heel on a sock -- and I gather you can, in your sleep, with one knitting needle tied behind your back -- you can knit that sweater. It looks like it has very little shaping. The only hard part will be keeping up your interest as you knit and knit and knit on the large bits.

Anonymous said...

That sweater looks like it shouldn't be too hard. Give it a shot!

And I love the way the morning glory has draped itself around your glider. So picturesque!


Julie said...

The sweater looks like you should be able to knit it. I have learn not to read ahead in a pattern just start by following the pattern one step at a time and it will come together. If you come to something you don't know that is what help books are for. Love your dogs!

Melissa said...

I love how the morning glory is coming over your glider. Looks so lovely. Keep up the good work on the socks. When you mentioned in your last post that you keep 2 pairs of socks going at a time to keep you from getting bored I had an "ah ha!" moment. I think I'm going to try starting 2 pairs the next time I want to knit socks.

Daniele said...

That will be a great sweater for you! It looks lovely. Go for it, I say!

Bunny made me laugh, waiting for the squirrel in her hidey position. Too cute!!!

Sending "sock finishing mojo" your way! :)