Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a Party!

Today was my Aunt G's birthday party at my #1 sister's house. There were 90+ people there, all of them related to me (or married to someone related to me) except for 2. Our oldest cousin was there. She's 88. Most of the families were represented, and the ones who couldn't come sent cards or called. It was terrific. I'm exhausted. This is my aunt on the right and our oldest cousin on the left.

There was no knitting for WWKIP Day because it was such a mess, but I gave Aunt G. a pair of socks for her birthday. Also gifted my youngest sister with another pair to wear when she teaches her yoga class. I have one more person to make a pair for. Her birthday has come and gone, and it is too long until Christmas, so I guess I'll just make them and send them for a surprise.

OK. I received some stash enhancement lately that I haven't posted pictures of. I left it in the plastic, I haven't had time to caress it yet. I like the colors but I haven't had time to swatch with it yet.

I will go ahead and say "Happy Father's Day" to all you who celebrate it. I miss being able to celebrate it with my dad. The big guy and I will have a quiet day with the dogs. Our kids will not be coming this year.


Daniele said...

Wow. Large families are the best.

Love the yarn! What is that?

Hi Puppies!

Daniele aka

MsKnottyKnits said...

You had better start lovin' on that yarn! Unhappy yarn causes an uprising in the stash!!