Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Loopy Groupie at last

I'm officially a Loopy Groupie! I ordered some sock yarn to knit up for my friend at work. That made my 6th order. Sheri sent me a really nice package. I got the official Loopy bag, a Loopy key ring, peppermint candies, a sock pattern and some Cherry Tree Hill yarn in Old Rose. I was so excited that I didn't take a picture before I opened it, but I did take one later. Hopefully you can see the goodies.

Here are the two skeins that put me over the top at TLE. They are destined to become socks for my co-worker. I'm anxious to get started on them. I have another pair I also want to work on. One pair can be my carrying along project, and the other pair can live next to my chair in the living room.

I finished the BFF socks by Cookie A for my final pair in SOS08. The colorway is Moody Blues. I like the pattern, it is easy to memorize, but I had done a pair of them before and this time I got tired of them. Of course, I was working hard to finish them for the last period of SOS08. And I made it! Five pairs in all. That was the goal I set, so Mission Accomplished.

The big guy watered all the flowers and sprayed the tree this morning. The flowers are just about done for the summer. They are fading fast. Buster and Bunny got to play in the water hose, which is almost as good as a bath. The wading pool got dumped and refilled, and the birdbaths both got refilled. It is still hot here, but I can feel fall coming. (Just ask my allergies!)

I get a little nostalgic when fall comes. I love the colorful leaves and the cool nights. But I miss the flowers. I feed the birds and squirrel year round so I won't miss them. Guess I'm rushing the season; it's still August (for one more day).

Hope you all have a lovely Labor Day. If you do something special, I'd like to hear about it. Hi, Bobbie. You found me!


Jackie said...

I've heard good things about the Cherry Tree Hill yarn but never used it myself. The LE sure does send a nice package of goodies!

Thank you for your comment on my blog!

Darcie said...

The fence around your sandbox must be to keep your dogs IN as opposed to OUT! They are beautiful, majestic dogs.

I love the blue socks! I love the pattern (will have to go and look it up) and love the colourway. I am a total blue person.

Beverley said...


Thanks for visiting snd leaving s comment on my blog. It maybe getting cooler and you will miss the flowers but with those beautiful yarns it will be like wearing flowers on your feet! Can't do that in summer!

Cheers and knit on give your guys a hug for me! >^..^<

Daniele said...

The pups look like they are having a marvelous time! They have such a great Mom and Dad.

The socks came out great. I knew you could do it! Congratulations on meeting your goal!

Jewel said...

Don't you just love getting stuff in the mail. Love your socks!!

Dusa said...

Welcome to the "sock" side of knitting (insert evil Darth Vader laugh). When in doubt, knit a sock!

I love your babies - I live on a farm and one of the other families who live here have 2 also - Beauty and Beast - incredible sweet and loving dogs!

Linda said...

We have a wading pool for Brandi too. Rhett drinks from it but that's it. Brandi - sometimes I wonder if there's a Golden Retriever spirit in that dog. She *loves* the water.

Congrats on all the socks! I've missed every knitting deadline I've set for myself lately, but honestly I don't give a rip any more. I'd rather be happy than on time.

Hege said...

Your BFF socks are great and the color are beautiful!
I guess I have to order some yarn from TLE. I've been wanting to try it ;)