Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer of Socks 2008, Pair #4

My cheater socks. Not really, the rules say at least a 2" cuff, but I feel like these with the 3" cuff are cheaters. They only took a week to complete. I'm pleased with them.

Thanks for encouraging me to put the blue ones down for a while and do another pair. I have picked up the blue one this afternoon, frogged back to above the heel, fixed the problem and started the heel again. The good thing is that these will be finished soon and maybe I can get in one more pair before the final deadline. (May have to be another fast pattern!)

Received word today from my LYS that the Tempted Sock Yarn Club is ended as of this month. I guess the supplier (Stacy) has some new ideas she wants to try and being tied up each month with the club is tying up her time. I totally understand that. And SOS08 will be over soon. What will I do for a sock club or a KAL? I'm going to be looking for suggestions. So come on and help me out. Have any ideas?

On the other hand, this will release me to do some online shopping for yarn that rings my chimes. And the big guy is used to having yarn appear in the mailbox every month. And I do love The Loopy Ewe. So maybe everything will work out after all!

I love the way the pups look when they are happy and relaxing in the sun. This is one of their favorite places, in the dining room in front of the sliding glass door. Another place they like is in the sand box. Mom's babies.


Stacy said...

The dogs are super cute - I love when they cuddle up in the sun like that. And, the socks look great. I love the color!

Iron Needles said...

Thanks for the comment. Love your sock knitting, and the pups. (Spent some time in OK in my younger days.)

Jillian said...

Such cute babies! I love the spots on the tummy : )

I would suggest the Woolgirl sock club. Actually - she has a ton of different sock clubs. Everyone raves about them!

Daniele said...

Awh... You can tell how much they lurve each other! As for sock KALs, I'm kind of glad we are winding down from SOS08. I'm almost out of sock yarn, but have plenty of worsted, sport and bulky for everything else. Can't wait to pick up those size 8's! :)

Jewel said...

The socks look great,and Yarn4socks is a great place to fine beautiful sock yarn and fun patterns.