Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Week in the Life

This is how we have been coping with our knee replacement recovery. We sleep, we eat, then we sleep some more. Naps happen. So do snacks.

After our naps and our snacks, we pile up on the loveseat and watch a little TV. I try not to turn it on until the 5:00 news, but some days we turn it on and watch whatever we have recorded on the DVR. Then we check the TV schedule and pick out something to watch and something to record for the evening. Rough life, huh?

Occasionally, we get a visitor. This is my daughter who came all the way from Houston to see me for mother's day. We had a great visit. We are already planning her next visit.

One day this week, my older sister came to visit and to introduce me to her new puppy, Spike. She has long been a lover of Bostons; she has had some before. Unfortunately, she lost them both on the same day due to old age and terminal illness. We were happy to meet her new one. He is 6-months old, and a real kissy boy. I understand he gives her cats a run for their money!

And to give you living proof that the knee is healing, my brother-in-law took this picture of it. You can see it is still swollen, but the scar is not so bad. I see the surgeon on Tuesday.

I went by work one day this week and offered to come back to week on Thursday (today) but they said not until I am released. So maybe I can go back next Thursday. I'm not so anxious for the work, but I'm anxious to not spend every single day in this house alone. I never signed up for this!!


Chrisknits said...

Didn't we tell you to do what the Dr said??? Now be sure you do it missy! You want to be all healed before going back. Glad to hear you are feeling scrappy enough it seems.

Daniele said...

You are probably already back at work! I am glad the doctor told you to take it easy. Knee replacement surgery is very major, Marion!

I am loving your daily schedule, and am doing basically the same thing right now (on vacation).

The Boston Terrier is precious! And his name definitely suits him!!

Janet Evanovich!???! Stephanie Plum I presume? I LOVE her!

Linda said...

So how goes it?