Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's almost over

Yardwork. It's almost over for this year. I don't usually do much out there, but since we were decorating a little with flowers this year, I helped. We worked out there almost all afternoon on Sunday.

We bought, hauled and spread a truckload of sand for the sandbox. The dogs love it. It was so soft and fluffy.

Then we bought, hauled and spread a truckload of red mulch to put in the "mulch garden." That meant we had to take out and put back all the rock walkways and the outdoor furniture.

It's time for me to take down and clean up the hummingbird feeders. We are also about ready to bring in the hibiscus and the other plants we want to save. We will let the petunias and geraniums go. I haven't decided about the begonias. I will move the fern indoors and see if I can save it. (Usually anything I touch turns brown, unlike my mother who could make any plant flourish and bloom.)

I tried to take some pics of the petunias. They are making their last stand. Most of my shots were blurry. I'm having a little trouble focusing my new camera. It'll get better with practice, I hope.

Bunny beat us to her pool. We wanted to dump and refill it, but she wasn't having it. She's such a water baby. Sometimes she will lie down in the water, stick her nose under and blow bubbles. And sometimes she gets in it so low that she looks like an alligator with only her eyes sticking out. She's a hoot. Buster will play in the hose but not the pool.

Today's golf has been called off. It is raining and in the 60's. We have played in the rain before, but we were younger then. I'm going to try to get some knitting done and maybe do a little reading. I have a book started, "The Friday Night Knitting Club." It's hard for me to put down a good book until I have it finished.


Mariah said...

really? thanks ur awsome!!!

Jewel said...

Your dogs are so funny!

Opal said...

Bunny is so adorable in her little pool!

Daniele said...

That picture of Bunny is priceless!! And they love their sandbox. What a good mommy and daddy!

I don't even want to think about my flower bed. I lost another round with it this year, and I was so determined!!!

Monika said...

Your dogs are adorable!

Ann said...

And I thought I was a champ raking the driveway over the weekend. I'm tired all over again reading your activities.
Love the puppy pool. Our yard isn't big enough, but at least we live on a river.