Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Won a Contest!

Today when the big guy and I got home from golfing, there was a package on the porch. I was expecting a box from Marisol at "Purls Just Wanna Have Fun" because this weekend I won her contest! Hurray for me! It was the first contest I have ever won and I'm excited!

She had a birthday party for her son "Little Cowboy" and it had a Pirate theme. If you left a comment and "talked like a pirate" you were entered in her contest. She used a random number generator and it picked ME!

There was plenty of Pirate Booty in the box. Yarn Pirate yarn in Emerald City colorway, "gold" coins, pirate stickers, a ring, a pencil, a pirate scarf, an eye patch, candy, gum, a package of Robert's American Gourmet puffed rice and corn with white cheddar, and an awesomely decorated pirate cookie. I have everything I need to be a pirate! Thanks, Marisol! You rock!

As for knitting, I'm looking for a new project. I don't have yarn for tthe scarf I want to make (or the sweater), and the sweater pattern isn't here yet. So I'm between projects and can't decide which sock to start. Nothing in my stash is calling my name right now, and the new yarn I've ordered from The Loopy Ewe is not here yet.

I have other news, but it is not as fun as this, so I will save it for another post. I have pictures of a finished project, the person who received the finished project, and pictures of something the big guy bought for us!


Jewel said...

Lucky you! You'll find something that will jump out and say make me.

MsKnottyKnits said...

Holy smokes - what a great bunch of goodies to win! Congratulations!

Daniele said...

You hit the jackpot with the pirate booty!!! I want to see a picture of you modeling the hat!!! Good for you for winning the contest - Arrghhh... ;)

Marisol said...

Congratulations Marion! I am glad you liked your goodies:)