Sunday, February 15, 2009

For Daniele

Here is my latest finished project, the Noro scarf in Noro silk garden, worsted weight.

I love this scarf and I've picked out some others yarns in various colors to make for Christmas presents. (Can't afford Noro except for special gifts!)

Daniele, I finally finished it!

I'm having trouble getting sharp pics with my Canon, especially closeups. If anyone has a suggestion, I would gladly try it.


BeadKnitter said...

1. A tripod helps immensely.

2. For close ups, does your camera have a macro setting? Macro is used for close up photos.

That and a tripod. Also, I try to have really good light, and no flash.

Hope that helps.

Daniele said...

Oh... My.... Goodness.... That is stunning! Why haven't I done one of these yet? :)

Daniele said...

Plus...... I think this is the first time someone named ME as a blog post.... I am so honored! :)

Darcie said...

I love the Noro. I havent tried the Silk Garden yet, just the sock yarn. Is the silk as difficult to work with?

As for taking pictures... everything that BeadKnitter said. Plus try to get indirect natural light. Try outdoors in the shade or a cloudy day.