Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My yarn came in the mail today! It is beautiful! Unfortunately, I'm at work today so I can't take pictures until later.

Also unfortunately, I just found out that there is a pair of socks to knit before Christmas. I'm going to have to stay up nights or get up early if I'm going to get done what needs to be done before my deadline.

The smoke ring has to be done before Jan. 20. The sweater has no deadline, but the socks need to be done a week or two before Christmas. The shawl will be started on Jan. 20 or after.

The Harmony needles are beautiful. I ordered size 4's and 5's, also 8's and 9's. Can't wait to try them out.

Wish me luck on meeting my deadlines. I'll post pictures later!


Jewel said...

Good luck with the socks!!

Daniele said...

Good Luck Marion!! Don't forget to show us your progress. :)