Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No pictures this time

There is a reason for no pictures with this post. You'll understand.

I was feeling pretty blah! last week, so I made a couple of appointments. I called the nail salon and scheduled a manicure. The people I go to are really good at what they do. They are friendly and always do a good job. I chose a metallic deep red and left my nails a little long. They look great.

The other appointment I made was for a haircut. My usual cut is very short, I go to a woman who is actually a barber. She always does it just like I like it. But she has been ill and is having surgery any minute. I thought I'd like to grow it a little longer and let the natural curl take over for a while. So I made an appointment with a stylist who is a patient at our clinic. She's a fun girl and I was looking forward to it.

So Monday at lunchtime, I drove up to her salon and plopped myself in her chair. She says how do you want it and I say I want to let it grow out. I don't know why when you say that, the stylist automatically hears "cut it all off." She said she would just shape it up a little, I say OK. Now visualize your hair having a run-in with a lawnmower. Yep, short. Shorter than the barber cuts it. Then imagine a fistfull of styling foam and a hairdryer. I ended up looking like I had a birdnest upside down on the top of my head.

Now I have to go back to work for half a day. I stopped and bought some styling spray and a round hairbrush, went straight into the restroom at work and start working on ridding myself of the thing on top of my head. With a little water, spray, and a brush I managed to tame the beast enough that I didn't lock myself in the bathroom for the rest of the day.

When I come out, Nobody Said A Word about my haircut. You know what that means: either they want to burst out laughing, or they are secretly sympathizing with you. I spent some time with it the next morning before work, so I'm not too embarrassed anymore, but the damage has been done: everyone I work with has seen it already. This might be a perfect time to make and wear a beanie or a watch cap. But since my hair grows soooo slowly, I guess I might as well get used to it.

Oh, and guess what else? She left me a mini-mullet in the back!


myboringblog said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry! I've had cuts like that were I start crying while sitting in line at the recycling center after catching a glimpse in the rear view mirror. Would a head band or some clips help? Definitely knit yourself a hat.

Daniele said...

Poor Marion! What a nightmare! I bet her hair is nice and long too. This is probably why my hair is VERY long even though it grows slowly too. I have it cut once every couple of years when my girlfriends drag me... :)

(p.s. I definitely have more than a few split ends.) ;)

Karen said...

We all know about hat hair. Maybe there needs to be a hair hat -- a hat for wearing when one's hair has been butchered and one is waiting for it to grow out. A nice silk scarf might do. Yes, time to treat yourself to some lovely headgear.

Jewel said...

I think we all know what its like to get a bad hair cut. I'm so sorry you had to go to work right after. Maybe you should try and go to someone else and see if they can fix the back. Good luck!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I have so been there done that. It's been a few years but the memory lingers.... my hairdresser decided I needed an "unstructured" look which involve hacking out a huge patch of hair in the back. It took years to fix.

But hair is a renewable resource - Yay!

Monika said...

LOL- a mini mullet. I have a SIL, she's a hairdresser. I went to her to do my hair for the wedding. She cut it way too short and I looked like a boy. I guess she was mad, that my husband married me, and not her best friend, not that I could ever prove it! :o)
I've gone home after the hairdresser many times, and washed my hair, because I didn't like it. What a waste of time and money that alwyas was. Thank god hair grows back.